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EnergyGauge Rater Training

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A home energy rating is a delivery system for energy efficiency, designed to benefit home owners and purchasers by delivering more home for less money!

Home energy ratings provide a standardized measure of energy costs and efficiency. Ratings in Florida can only be conducted by state-certified Raters using a set of nationally accredited analysis procedures and verified software tools.

The training courses described here will enable you to become a certified home energy Rater in the state of Florida.

We also offer training as an entry level rater called a RESNET Field Inspector.

All courses will be held at the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) facilities in Cocoa, Florida unless otherwise noted. For directions to FSEC click here. For additional information, call (321) 638-1401.


Purpose of Certified Rater Training Courses:

The Florida Energy Gauge Program - formerly called the Building Energy-Efficiency Rating System - was created by the 1993 Florida Building Energy-Efficiency Rating Act, which established a voluntary statewide energy-efficiency rating system for residential buildings.

The purpose of the Act is to provide home buyers with a marketplace yardstick that measures the benefits of energy-efficient improvements. The rating system provides unambiguous and specific information on how much energy the home is expected to use. The rating system is built upon the platform provided by the statewide energy code.

The Ratings provide overall estimates for the home's annual energy cost in dollars and energy, and a rating for the home in relation to the most- and least-efficient homes of its size in the state.

Ratings can be conducted only by State-Certified Raters. These courses provide the training and testing required to become a Certified Class 3, 2 or 1 residential Rater.

  • Class 3 Raters can rate new buildings only.
  • Class 2 Raters can rate new or existing buildings using site audit data.
  • Class 1 Raters can rate new or existing buildings using both site data and actual field performance tests of the building's energy efficiency.

Note: Class 2 Raters must be certified for Class 3 as well as Class 2, and Class 1 Raters must be certified for all three classes.


Who Should Attend?

Photo of teacher and students in the Energy Rater Training class
Neil Moyer instructs Class 1 attendees

These training courses will be of special interest to anyone who wants to become a Certified, Energy Gauge Rater, analyze new or existing homes to determine energy efficiency, learn how to conduct a site energy audit of a home, or conduct performance testing on a home to determine its level of energy efficiency.

Home inspectors, realtors, engineers, builders, appraisers, architects, mortgage lenders, energy service providers and others involved in the building and marketing of homes will especially benefit from these courses.

Providing prospective home buyers with Rating System information is an important selling point in marketing both new and existing homes. This information will allow builders, realtors and homeowners to differentiate their homes and themselves from the less-efficient market.

New innovative mortgage financing opportunities are available to buyers of homes with favorable energy-efficiency ratings.

Raters can also provide ratings for the EPA Energy Star program, giving builders an additional way to feature the energy-efficiency of their homes.

There are some prerequisites that are essential to your personal success.  The rater courses assume familiarity with Method A of the Florida Energy Code for residential buildings and how to derive data from blueprints that impact the energy characteristics of the house.  Familiarity with the EnergyGauge computer program is mandatory. If you have no experience with either blueprints or EnergyGauge software, you must take the following courses:

From Blueprints to Residential Code Compliance
EnergyGauge Pro Hands-On

Students should own a copy of the Chapter 13 Energy Efficiency for Building Construction.   Copies are available from the International Code Council (ICC) at or by calling 800-786-4452.  A calculator is also required at the course. Full details on the Energy Gauge software program is available at

Continue below to register for training classes. To sign up for retakes/challenge exams, click here.

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Residential Energy Auditor

A Class 2 rater can rate new or existing buildings using site audit data.

Price: $599.00

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