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The 2015 IECC and the Energy Rating Index (ERI) Compliance Option

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Florida and other states have adopted the Energy Rating Index (ERI) method of residential energy code compliance.

Learning Objectives

This course will provide an overview of 2015 residential International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) compliance paths including this new ERI option and what it means for plan review, inspections and permitting.  Additional subjects include discussions of the ERI path process, reporting and quality assurance. This course is a full day.

Learning Objectives

The primary objectives are for students to obtain a working knowledge of 2015 International Energy Conservation Code residential compliance methods and reporting and the RESNET Quality Assurance process.

Course Outline      

A.   2015 IECC – Paths of Compliance

1.    Prescriptive  

a.   Mandatory requirements

2.   Performance    

a.   Mandatory requirements

b.   Minimum requirements

c.    Choices

3.   Energy Rating Index (ERI)    

a.   Mandatory requirements

b.   Minimum requirements

c.    Choices

d.   ERI – by climate

e.   State specific requirements and modifications

4. Comparison of the Three above Paths to 2015 IECC  

a.   Visual graph      

B.   Energy Rating Index Process

1.   Exercises     

a.   Annual energy use in homes

b.   Annual sources of heating and cooling loads in homes

2.   Requirements of ERI – 4 Step Process      

a.   Energy modeling – pre-construction RESNET minimum rated features
i.   Heating
ii.   Cooling
iii.   Hot Water
iv.   Appliances
v.   Lighting

b.   Onsite data collection – inspections during construction
i.   Foundation
ii.   Thermal inspection – walls/ceiling
iii.   Windows – efficiency values
iv.   Doors
v.   HVAC
vi.   Domestic water heating
vii.   Appliances and Lighting
viii.   Ventilation (state dependent)
ix.   Pressure mapping
x.   Combustion (if applicable)

c.    Testing    
i.   Building airtightness 
ii.   Duct airtightness

d.   Reporting
i.   Registering the home
ii.   Report generation

C.   Reports –What to Expect at Time of Permit and Prior to CO

1.   Description of Report

2.   Interpreting Reports

D.  Quality assurance expectations - what to expect from an energy rated home

1.   Certified Quality Assurance (QA) Providers

a. Quality Assurance requirements   
i.   QA designees
ii.   Site inspections and performance requirements
iii.   Record keeping of raters

b.   Raters 
i.   Certification requirements
ii.   Maintaining certification

c.    Field Inspectors   
i.   Certification requirements
ii.   Maintaining certification

d.   Complaints/disciplinary procedures

2.   RESNET Certified Trainers   

a.   Requirements

b.   Responsibilities

3.   RESNET Certified Software Products

a.   HERS rated and reference home rules

b.   HERS software approval process


E.   Questions


F.    Complete Course Evaluations


Event Location
Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista

1751 Hotel Plaza Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista

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