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Weatherization Quality Control Inspector

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Course Description

Quality Control Inspector (QCI) is based on a National Renewable Energy Laboratory / U.S. Department of Energy Job Task Analysis (JTA) of the same name. The course spans five (5) days of instruction with a focus on the job description/duties outlined in the JTA. Students will be introduced to and practice the skills needed to become an effective QCI. These skills include: performing an audit of the building, verifying alignment of the work performed against the work plan, observing the retrofit work in progress, understanding specifications and standards, performing various diagnostic tests including building airtightness and combustion safety, reporting findings and concerns, identifying corrective actions, effectively communicating with the client, and determining the final pass/fail of the work performed.

This is a lecture-lab course. Topics will be presented in a classroom setting and then followed up with student involvement in the lab. The class will be geared towards those individuals who have had field experience and/or training as an energy auditor or crew leader. Student participation is very important. Testing for this course will involve both a written and field practical.

The classroom / lab facility has 7 training modules where students can work with a partner to enhance some of the basic building science and communication skills needed to be a QCI. These modules and various props will allow the students hands on use of the diagnostic tools and equipment that they will be using in the field. Students will take one written and three hands-on tests of energy assessment and communication skills. Upon successful completion of these tests, each student receives a certificate of completion.

Course Objectives

- Inspect and assess the building envelope

- Conduct work-in-process visual/sensory quality checks

- Evaluate and ensure worker professionalism

- Perform post-work diagnostic inspections

- Conduct post-work visual/sensory quality checks

- Ensure program or project compliance

Course Prerequisites

To enroll in this course, students must be 18 or older and have basic literacy skills, an understanding of basic math, and understanding of basic building science. Experience as an Energy Auditor or Crew Chief recommended.

Class Schedule and Sequence of Instruction





Introduction to Weatherization for QC Inspectors


House as a System


Regulations and Standards


Purpose of Monitoring and Inspecting



Desk Monitoring


Inspector’s Toolbox


Building Assessments



Building Assessments (continued)



Building Assessments (continued)


Interpreting Infrared



In Progress Monitoring and Reporting


Report Writing


Written & Performance Final Exams


Student Registration Form

Students are required to complete and sign the class registration form. The signed form must be handed in to the instructor on the first day of class. Click here for the form.

Event Location
Florida Solar Energy Center
Room 111
1679 Clearlake Road
United States Of America

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