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USA HERS Provider Version

Code: ES-53
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The HERS Provider version allows for registration file import, displaying lists of reports requested by rater in a registration, and is also required for use with the EnergyGauge USA online rating registration system. In addition is has all the features of ResRate Size Pro which are as follows;

Florida code compliance calculations and reporting and detailed DOE 2.1E simulation for design of low-energy buildings and evaluation of hourly peak demand impacts. Includes IECC 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015 code compliance by IECC Chapter 4 whole-building performance method plus Pollution Analysis, ability to view Tax Credit Qualification Report, and the ACCA Manual J system sizing.

Also includes Home Energy Rating System (HERS) capability and Energy Rating Index for Code purposes.

Only available to RESNET certified Home Energy Providers.


After purchase you will be receiving two emails: 1) receipt and 2) license activation product key. If you don't receive the second email, please check your spam folder. Thank you.

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