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Measurement and Verification of Continuous Whole-House Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Code: MechVent
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CILB CEUs: 4 credits; CILB# 0613676; Provider# 0000859

This 4-hour instructor-led course uses lecture, demonstration and exercises to inform Florida building contractors, code inspectors, and other building professionals about different types of residential mechanical ventilation equipment used in whole-house continuous mechanical ventilation. Course topics include current code, how to determine equipment operational status, as well as how to measure airflow rates of different systems using different test equipment

Learning Objectives
The primary objectives are for students to obtain a working knowledge of the different types of residential whole-house mechanical ventilation equipment, how to determine operational status, and how to measure airflow rates of this equipment.

Course Outline

Registration begins at 12:30 p.m. and class starts at 1:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m.    Introduction
1:05 p.m.   Current Code Regarding Continuous Whole-House Mechanical Ventilation
        When Whole-House Continuous Mechanical Ventilation is Required
        How Whole-House Air Flow Rate Requirements are Determined
          Types of Continuous Whole-House Mechanical Ventilation Systems

      1:40 p.m.   Locating and Determining Operational Status of Mechanical Ventilation Systems
            Exhaust Fan
            Supply Fan
              Runtime Ventilation
              Three-Way Switch Controls

          2:10 p.m.   Strengths and Weakness of Different Airflow Measurement Methods

          2:40 p.m.   Break

          Airflow Measurement: Instructor Demonstrations

              Flowbox Airflow Demonstration
              Flowhood Air Flow Demonstration

              Vane Anemometer Demonstration
             Pitot Tube Traverse Demonstration

          3:20 p.m.   Hands-On Airflow Measurement Exercises    Students Measure Air Flows With Flowbox at Grilles
              Students Measure Air Flows With Flowhood at Grilles
              Students Calculate Air Flow from Vane Measurement
              Students Measure Air Velocity With Vane Anemometer at Grille
              Students Measure Air Flow Using Pitot Tube and Manometer
              Students Calculate Air Flow from Pitot Tube Measurement, and Compare Flow Measurements and Discuss Causes for Differences

          5:10 p.m.   Complete Course Evaluations

          Primary instructor Charles Withers; Alternate instructors Dave Chasar, Jeff Sonne and Tei Kucharski.

Event Location

Cocoa location:
Florida Solar Energy Center
1679 Clearlake Rd
Cocoa FL 32922

For other locations:

All payments are fully refundable if cancellation is received at least 7 business days before the class begins. FSEC reserves the right to cancel any course in the event of insufficient pre-registration. In that event, all payments are fully refundable.

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