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Exam: RESNET "JOBWERKS" Field Inspector Written - Remote Locations

Code: RESNETFieldRemote
Price: $225.00
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This exam must be setup with the EnergyGauge Office in advance.  This is the JobWerks practical exam following successful completion of the RESNET JobWerks tool with a certified trainer or certified rater.  Please allow  at least 4 hours for testing depending on the size of the house the test is to be performed.  There can be no outside assistance for this exam.  The candidate can use books, field notes etc. to successfully complete this exam.  There will be no communications devices allowed during the test. 

Price: $225.00 (includes the JobWerks exam app)

The RESNET JobWerks Field Inspector Exam will qualify the student to assist the certified HERS rater in the process of data collection in the field.   The exam must be setup with the EnergyGauge Office ( in advance.  This test must be given at an approved location. 


You are eligible to take this exam:

* if you have used JobWerks with an certified rater or certified trainer
* you have completed the 5 necessary homes and have uploaded the pictures and information to Organic Think (Rob Moody)

Refunds will not be given to those who register for this exam in error.

Event Location
Approved Proctor Time & Location
To be determined
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To be determined
United States Of America

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