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Provisional Rating

Code: ProvRating
Price: $175.00
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As part of the FSEC Rater Agreement and the RESNET Standard a "probationary rater" must have at least two probationary ratings performed in the presence of a Quality Assurance Designee or Delegate.

In order to provide our students with a "turn-key" process we offer probationary rating service within the state of Florida (please ask for price quotes for outside the state of Florida). Each home is charged at $175.00. This includes the QA Designee (or Delegate) to supervise, on site, the probationary rating and to check the rater file input for errors. When completed the rater (assuming all other requirements are already met) will be allowed to perform ratings on their own. After you purchase these homes, it is your responsibility to contact the QA Designee to set up a convenient time. This can be done prior to paying for the homes as well. Please e-mail with your date preference and please also include your phone number.

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